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Moroccan Sahara Tours welcomes you to our site! We love Morocco and are passionate about all she has to offer. It is our hope that you experience this wondrous place without feeling like a touristMokhtar Mitiko, your licensed tour operator, will show you the best there is to see of Morocco making sure you have a personal experience beyond your expectations. Mokhtar will tailor-fit your trip plans specifically to our clients’ wishes.  

There is a lot of information here and we hope you find the answers to your questions. By clicking on the links above, you will learn more about traveling to Morocco, the language, and sample tours we offer to get you thinking about what you might want to see on your adventure. Also, Jane Shortridge created a blog, of her Moroccan travels; take a look at that blog for a more personal view of Morocco. Also check us out on Facebook, Moroccan Sahara Tours.

We encourage and welcome you to contact us with questions if there is more you want to know.

Bon voyage!

Your tour operator, Mokhtar Mitiko:
Mokhtar Mitiko has guided tours in Morocco and the Sahara desert for more than 18 years. Mokhtar is a licensed guide, a Bedouin born in the Sahara from a family who has been traveling the Sahara for centuries. Mokhtar and his family live in the village of M’hamid, the doorway to the Sahara. He speaks English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic.

Moroccan Sahara Tours offers transportation and tours throughout the beautiful kingdom of Morocco. The tours of the Great South and bivouacs in the desert remain a favorite of most guests. Mokhtar is also available for guided trips of your choice from Marrakech, Casablanca, the souks of Fez, the magic of the Imperial City, Rabat, to the sands of the Sahara, the blue shores of the Mediterranean or the Atlantic Oceans.

With Mokhtar as your guide you will have the comfort of choosing a guide who knows the languages, the terrain, the food and the people of Morocco.

Mokhtar Mitiko – Owner, Moroccan Sahara Tours
+212 66 240 3939

Jane Shortridge – USA Representative, Moroccan Sahara Tours
45 University Ave SE, #503
Minneapolis, MN 55414

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