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I travel and then write about it. Now I've purchased a guesthouse (riad) in Marrakech, Morocco, so spend a lot of my time blogging about this experience.

Dar Basyma

Moroccan Sahara Tours is happy to announce that we have a house in Marrakech! Dar Basyma is a modern house with a relaxing decor. Perfect after a day in bustling Marrakech. Contact us about your next trip!

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Things can change in a hurry

Five years ago on a bright and sunny Saturday morning, I broke an ankle and severely sprained the other. It happened so suddenly yet seemed to all go in slow motion. And I can remember it all as though it … Continue reading

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Points of view on travel

I’ve been traveling to where other people consider ‘strange places’ for years; since 1992. And after all these years the reaction from others is still the same: Why are you going there? Or, You’re traveling again? Or, Don’t you ever … Continue reading

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Moroccan Ramadan

Ramadan is the most important holiday in Islam. It’s probably most like the Christian Lent, but the two don’t really compare. Ramadan symbolizes when the Qur’an was revealed to Mohammad. It occurs every year in the 9th month of the … Continue reading

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Couscous Friday

Friday in Morocco means one thing: couscous. The national dish, couscous, is made in households across Morocco every week and is greatly anticipated. Fridays are traditionally considered a holy day in Morocco and many businesses are closed for the day … Continue reading

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Packing for Morocco

Do as I say, don’t do as I do. Because no matter how sparsely I pack, I still bring too much. It is completely feasible to travel through Morocco for 10 days during the warm season with just a couple … Continue reading

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